Bio Big Bags

Bio Big bags is environment friendly material manufacture by the natural resources which get decomposed 100 % without leaving any harmful effects on the environment. FIBC (flexible intermediate bulk container) or Big Bag is an industrial material used for storing and easy transport of products like sand, fertilizer, seeds and granules of plastic.

We Brain Chamber Polysacks reliable manufacturer & exporter of bio big bag with different specification, as per requirement of client for their packaging needs. Our manufacturing unit is EOU (Export oriented Unit) base at Appachiwadi, near kurli Tal. Chikodi Dist. Belagavi, Karnataka. These bags are highly durable in nature and moisture resistance in nature. Workload handling capacity is from 250 kg to 2000 kg as per requirements. SWL (Safety Factor) 5:1 or 6:1.

Our Best Opportunities

We are providing investors greater opportunities to work in various sectors of textile industries under one roof. Brain Chamber Polysacks works in various sectors of polymers as the hop (the hall of polymers), biopolymers and agro textile.


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